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Nancy Jennison
Author and Literacy Specialist

Integrating Test Prep into Reading and Writing Workshops 

“Literacy expert Nancy Jennison has more than 18 years experience in successfully preparing students for standardized reading and writing tests, so she knows what works to raise those scores. In this comprehensive resource, she presents her strategies for integrating the skills students need to succeed on the tests with best practice teaching and your school’s curriculum. 

From analyzing your state test, integrating the skills into your workshops throughout the year, planning test-prep genre units of study for both reading and writing, and using differentiation strategies to give your struggling students a boost, it’s all here. A must-have for any teacher who wants to prepare students for the tests—without sacrificing quality instruction! For use with Grades 3-8.” Scholastic


“Jennison’s book details practical strategies for integrating test preparation into daily instruction. This evidence-based model is explained with sample assessments and lessons that teachers can use as models for their own instruction. Most widely used test preparation programs are largely useless in improving achievement; Jennison’s approach offers teachers an alternate avenue, one that will lead students to literacy achievement.”

Richard Allington  Ph.D. 

Professor of Education
University of Tennessee at Knoxville

Praise & Reviews

“How do we stay true to what we believe is the best way to teach children when ‘the test’ looms large?  Nancy Jennison offers practical, surefire solutions in this invaluable resource, which is chock full of do-able, high-quality teaching strategies and engaging learning activities. Key tested areas that often stump students are addressed via step-by-step explanations and authentic classroom-based examples. Apply the instructional moves described in this book and you will be a better teacher of reading and writing . . . and see scores soar.”

Dr. Beth Asbury
Supervisor of Instruction

 Medford Township Schools

 New Jersey

“In this era of accountability, Nancy Jennison provides what committed educators are seeking – authentic practices for teaching students important lifetime literacy skills while thoughtfully preparing them for success on high-stakes tests. Most important, these practices deepen students’ ability to read and write, but they also familiarize students with the language and format of tests. Finally, a little sanity in this somewhat insane era!”

Elizabeth W. English, Ph.D.

 Principal, Sunrise Valley
Fairfax County Public Schools


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